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What is TGSF?

I was recently asked if "TGSF is more FTM or MTF focused?"

I have been a member of TGSF since it was originally founded many years and many names ago. Historically TGSF (and it's predecessors) were, and are, open to all Transgender, and GNC (Gender Non-Conforming)  people. Nevertheless, historically, we have been more mtf than ftm, but all are welcome.

That said, i would love to (re)make TGSF into an organization for all shades of GNC to join and work for our common good. This means socially, as well as politically.

Lately we have been too mtf, too transsexual, too white, too middle class, too "old", too able-bodied, too English speaking, and probably too unaware of other differences. The only thing we have been consistent on is being welcoming to anyone who is just coming out... many of whom gain some confidence and then move on to another group where they feel more connected. The big historical changes of the last few decades is that there are a LOT of other successful Trans and GNC organizations now, and so we don't have to hide as much.

My goal is to rebuild an organization that will retain those who come so that we can be even more welcoming to people who feel isolated and oppressed in general society.

TGSF WELCOMES VOLUNTEERS who want to work for a better, safer, and happier world. Let me know if you'd like to help.