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2018 Who, What, When, Where,… Why?

Who? TGSF is open to ALL "transgender" or "gender non-conforming" folks, and supporters. Historically we've had people of all ages, races, abilities, histories, religions, directions, and stages. What we share is our common trait of not identifying with our assigned-gender-at-birth. We welcome more people to diversify our membership.


What? TGSF is about any expression of gender that is not the one that society expects based on our assigned-gender-at-birth. There may have been some medical reason, or chosen this path. We are open to all.


When? Our most consistent event is our End of Month, which happens on the LAST (not 4th) Thursday of the month. Except:

  • March, we attend TDoV (Transgender Day of Visibility) –
  • June, we attend Trans March –
  • November 20, we attend TDoR (Transgender Day of Remembrance) –
  • December, we’ll meet before the traditional winter holidays
  • And, when another community event is happening (like a demonstration, or exhibition, etc.) we will join, in community. So, ALWAYS check the calendar for the latest information.


Where? Over the years we've met in different venues. In the "old days" we had to meet in back rooms and private locations for SAFETY! Now, at least in San Francisco, we are meeting openly, in public. ALWAYS check the calendar for details of where we are going to meet.


Why? Trans folk have always existed in all cultures throughout history. Unfortunately, in SOME cultures, we have been attacked for being different. We have been marginalized and sometimes forced to do things that we might not otherwise have chosen, just to survive. Please come to our events to discuss this as well as technical/social details of acceptance, "transition", or any other related topic.


Thank you to all who have brought us this far, and to those who support our moving forward.