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TGSF has received 10 pairs of free tickets to see "The Danish Girl" at the Embarcadero Center on Wednesday, December 2, at 7pm.

Unfortunately i will be leaving early on Wednesday, so not only will i not be able to attend myself, but i won't even be able to give out the tickets after this evening. If you'd like a pair of tickets, please email directly to . The last time a non-trans actor played a trans person there was a lot of criticism. Unfortunately, that was by a lot of people who hadn't seen the film. It would be good if, this time, we had people actually see the movie before making comments.

I also recommend this article which is about some of the real details of the characters' lives.

I'm expecting a large response. I will give the tickets out by this evening, giving preference to long-time Members of TGSF, or Transgender/Gender-Non-Conforming activitsts. Since i will be leaving early Wednesday morning, if you don't hear from me by noon, i'm sorry, but others have been given the tickets.

Thank you for your support.