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Ginny Knuth Award

The Ginny Knuth Member of the Year Award

GinnyThis award recognizes outstanding contribution of energy, commitment and time to TGSF, and to the transgender community at large.

The Ginny Knuth Award winner is selected by the ExCom. The winner is announced at the Annual Meeting.

Ginny Knuth passed away in 1997. She was a tireless volunteer for TGSF, and twice won the award that was later re-named for her. She was also a 1994 winner of IFGE's Trinity Award.

Past TGSF vice-president Jamie Faye Fenton has written a nice memorial about Ginny, which says, in part:

Ginny Knuth
GinnyOver the years, Ginny helped organize the [TGSF] Library and archives, the production and publication of the newsletter, the monthly Poker Social, and numerous social events and meetings. After winning the Member of the Year Award several times in a row, it was decided to name it in her honor (partly to give others a chance to win it too!).

Ginny served for countless hours on the ETVC/TGSF hot line and was the first friendly soul that thousands of us encountered in our journeys out of the closet. She was always available for wives and girlfriends who were puzzled, upset, or curious about their gender-variant husbands and answered calls and correspondence from around the world.

Ginny Knuth Award Winners

1985 Diahanna Taylor
1986 Gloria Peters
Sheila Moon
1987 Trina Martina Bloom
1988 Diane Richwine
1989 Melanie Daugherty
1990 Trina Martina Bloom
Ginny Knuth
1991 Thalia Gravel
1992 Ginny Knuth
1993 Donna Freeman
1994 Sandy Kasten
1995 Julie Freeman
1996 Cindy Martin
1997 Jamie Faye Fenton
1998 Elizabeth Walters
1999 Ayme Kantz
2000 Aiyana Eveningstar
2002 Stephanie Ann Blythe
2003 Susan Laird
2004 Susan Laird
2005 Tommi Watson
2006 Bonnie Bryen
2007 Becky Benton

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