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Joanna Caron Award

This prestigious award is presented in memory of Joanna Caron, who, along with our friend Tommi Rose, was instrumental in developing the TGSF Cotillion. Joanna was the producer of many of her own pageants, and had received so many trophies that she often complained that they were too hard to dust—except for the silver platters.

Joanna passed away in 1989, at the age of 37. Each year since then, a silver platter has been awarded to recognize the one person who has given the most energy, time and effort to the Cotillion.

Joanna Caron Memorial Award Winners

1990 Franchesca
1991 Diane Richwine
1992 Zia Klamm
1993 Geri Handa
1994 Jano Bogg
1995 Gloria Peters
Cathy Crossgrove
1996 Ann Trautwein
1997 Toni Genalo
1998 Jamie Faye Fenton
1999 Nicole and Debbie Cook
2000 Cheryl Sheppard
2001 Rachael-Janelle Light
2002 Carla Blair
2003 Lenny Broberg
2004 Roxy Carmichael-Hart
2005 Denaë Doyle
2006 Arlynne Camire
Michelle Fiore
Laura Marlowe
Madame Steele
2007 Allison Laureano
2008 Tommi Rose

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