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Upcoming Election

2012 May 31 Annual Meeting and Election

On May 31, 2012, TGSF will have our Annual Meeting where we will elect members for the ExCom (Executive Committee) and the proposed changes to the By Laws.

Proposed ByLaws of TransGender San Francisco

Monday, April 02, 2012

Bylaws of TGSF

  1. NAME
    - The name of the organization shall be TransGender San Francisco
    (hereinafter, TGSF).


    - TGSF is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the
    educational, social, outreach, and recreational needs of the
    Transgender Community. TGSF is also dedicated to educating the
    general public about trans issues and promoting a positive image of
    transgender people among the general public. The transgender
    community includes all transgender persons, their family and
    friends, allies, and those that support justice and equality for all
    trans people.


    1. Eligibility
      - Any person eighteen (18) years or older who has a personal or
      professional interest in trans issues is eligible for membership in

    2. Membership

      - The membership year runs from May 1 to April 30.

    3. Dues

      - Any person meeting the requirements of Section A above may become
      a member by paying annual membership dues set by the Executive
      Committee of TGSF. The Executive Committee of TGSF shall
      hereinafter be referred to as the ExCom.

      1. Term
        of Membership

        - Membership and its privileges will be effective from the date of
        acceptance of dues for a full twelve months.

      2. Continued

        - Renewal of membership for a full year will be required to
        continue membership into the next membership year.

      3. Joining
        During the Membership Year

        - New members who join during the membership year will pay a
        one-time only, pro-rated portion of the annual dues for the
        remainder of the membership year. Membership privileges for these
        members will be effective for the portion of the year for which
        dues are paid until the end of the membership year. Dues and
        increments for the pro-rated portion will be determined by the

      4. Fee

        - Persons who are financially unable to pay the annual dues may
        petition the ExCom for a fee waiver. The ExCom will review each
        petition on a case by case basis. Waivers will be reviewed
        annually or as directed by the ExCom and will not be automatically

    4. Termination
      of Membership


      1. Voluntary
        Withdrawal of Membership

        - A member may voluntarily withdraw from TGSF at any time.

        1. Written

          - A member wishing to withdraw must make the request in writing
          to the TGSF Secretary.

        2. Refund
          - The ex-member is entitled to a pro rata portion, but not
          greater than one-half, of her/his dues paid, less a handling fee.

        3. Lapse
          - A member who does not renew her/his membership will
          automatically be terminated as a member.

      2. Involuntary
        Termination of Membership


        1. Reasons
          for Termination

          - The ExCom shall have sole power to revoke the membership of any
          member who purposefully breaches the confidentiality of another
          member, whose actions result in criminal or civil liability
          against TGSF or a TGSF elected official, or any other reason a
          majority of the ExCom determines to be conduct unbecoming of a
          TGSF member. See Section IX Executive Committee.

        2. Vote
          by ExCom

          - The ExCom shall revoke the membership of the above member
          following a majority vote for removal.

        3. Appearance
          of Member

          - The member may plead her/his case before the ExCom.

        4. Refund
          - The ex-member is entitled to a pro rata portion, but not
          greater than one-half, of her/his dues paid, less a handling fee.

        5. Reinstatement:
          Petition for Membership

          - After six months, the ex-member may petition the Ex-Com for
          re-instatement. The petitioner must receive a majority vote of
          the ExCom to be reinstated.

    5. Members
      in Good Standing


      1. Definition
        - Members who have paid their dues and meet all of the
        requirements above are considered members in good standing.

      2. Privileges
        and Benefits


        1. Voting
          - Members in good standing are eligible to vote in the Annual and
          Special Meetings. See Section IV Annual Meeting and Section V
          Special Meetings.

        2. Discounts
          - Members in good standing receive the membership discount
          whenever applicable.

        3. Newsletters;

          - A member in good standing is eligible to receive TGSF
          newsletters and notices at no cost.



    1. When
      - TGSF will hold its annual membership meeting in the month of
      April of each year, the time and place designated by the ExCom.

    2. Business
      - Issues for business at the Annual Meeting shall include, but are
      not limited to:

      1. Election
        of Officers;

      2. Treasurer's
        Financial Report;

      3. Bylaw

      4. Any
        other business deemed necessary by the ExCom; and,

      5. Any
        new business introduced by the general membership.

    3. Informing
      the Membership

      - The date, time and place of the Annual Meeting shall be published
      no later than 45 days prior to the meeting. Members may be notified
      of the meeting either in the newsletter, social media, or by
      special mailing.

    4. Voting

      1. One
        Vote Per Member

        - Members in good standing shall be entitled to one vote at all
        Annual and Special Meetings. Only those members whose dues are
        current four months before the end of the membership year shall be
        eligible to vote.

      2. Voting
        in Person, by Mail, or Other Approved Means

        - Only those votes cast by members in good standing in person, by
        mail, or by other approved means prior to deadline established by
        the ExCom will be counted.

      3. Mailed-in


        1. When

          - Ballots will be sent to the members at least 30 days prior to
          an election.

        2. When

          - Mail-in ballots will not be opened and counted until the voting
          at the Special or Annual Meeting is closed.

      4. Voting
        by Other Means

        - The ExCom shall determine the voting procedures regarding voting
        by other means.

      5. Proxies
        - No proxies will be allowed.

      6. Canceling
        Mail-in Vote

        - A member may cancel her/his mail-in vote by voting in person at
        the Special or Annual Meeting. The member wishing to cancel
        her/his mail-in vote must inform the Election Committee of her/his

      7. Quorum
        - All issues submitted to a vote of the membership at any meeting
        shall be conducted by a majority of those voting, unless these
        Bylaws provide otherwise.

      8. Election


        1. Appointment
          - The ExCom shall appoint an Election Committee prior to any
          Special or Annual Meeting requiring voting.

        2. Duties
          - The Election Committee shall be responsible for, but not
          limited to: establishing the time, place, manner of voting; the
          mailing of ballots; the counting of votes; and the publication of

        3. Posting
          and Notification to Members

          - The election Committee shall announce the details of the
          election in the newsletter.



    1. Purpose
      - Special Meetings shall only be held for discussion and voting on
      a single issue. Issues that may be considered include, but are not
      limited to:

      1. Bylaw

      2. Removal
        of one or more officers;

      3. Election
        to fill an office vacancy;

      4. Extraordinary
        expenditures not related to normal TGSF organization expenditures;

      5. Any
        other issue deemed necessary by the ExCom; or

      6. An
        issue presented by the general membership.

    2. Membership

      – It shall be the goal of the ExCom to inform members of the
      date, time and place in the same manner as Annual Meetings under
      Section IV, C above, though the ExCom may call emergency special
      meetings from time to time. When an emergency special meeting
      takes place, the ExCom shall do its best to inform members via
      email, social media, and other means.

    3. How

      - A Special Meeting may be called either by:

      1. The
        ExCom by majority vote, or

      2. Petition
        of at least 20% of the membership.

        1. The
          petition must be signed in writing and presented to the Secretary
          who must verify the eligibility of the members.

        2. The
          ExCom must set the date of the Special Meeting with 30 days of
          receipt and verification of the petition.

    4. Voting;

      - Voting and quorum requirements for a Special Meeting are handled
      in the same manner as discussed above under Annual Meeting.


    1. Officers
      of TGSF


      1. TGSF
        shall have the following officers: President, Vice-President,
        Secretary, Treasurer, Social Committee Co-Chairs (two maximum),
        Education Committee Co-Chairs (two maximum), and Outreach
        Committee Co-Chairs (two maximum).

      2. The
        above officers shall constitute the only members of the ExCom. See
        Section IX Executive Committee.

    2. Eligibility
      - Any member in good standing may be an officer in TGSF.

    3. Holding
      One Office

      - Only one member may hold one office at one time.

    4. Co-Chairs

      1. Co-Chairpersons
        may fill the Social, Education, and Outreach Offices.

      2. The
        Co-Chairs will be chosen from the highest vote recipient and the
        second highest recipient for that office.

      3. In
        the event only one person runs for either the offices of Social,
        Education or Outreach, the Co-Chair for that particular committee
        shall not be filled for that term, unless deemed necessary by the

    5. Terms
      of Office

      - Officers shall serve a one-year term beginning May 1 of the
      current year and ending April 30 of the following year.

    6. Elections

      1. When

        - Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting in April. See
        Section IV Annual Meeting.

      2. Number
        of Votes Needed

        - The person receiving the most votes and at least 40% of the
        votes cast for that office will be declared the winner of that

        1. If
          no one candidate receives 40% of the votes cast for President,
          Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer a runoff election will be
          held at a Special Meeting within 45 days.

        2. If
          no one candidate receives 40% of the votes cast for the
          Education, Social or Outreach Chair, the two candidates receiving
          the highest totals may be considered for Co-Chairs by the newly
          elected ExCom.

    7. Nominations

      1. How
        Received; Deadline

        - Nominations must be received in writing by the Secretary or her
        designee (see Duties of Officers) no later than 60 days prior to
        the Annual Meeting. No nominations will be accepted at the Annual

      2. Who
        May Nominate

        - Any member in good standing may nominate any member for any
        office. Members may nominate themselves.

      3. Acceptance

        - Members must accept the nominations prior to publications of the
        agenda of the Annual Meeting.

    8. Write-in

      1. Write-in
        votes for officers shall be counted under the following

        1. The
          name of the candidate is clearly legible;

        2. The
          write-in candidate is a member in good standing; and,

        3. All
          other conditions and deadlines above are met.

      2. No
        nomination requirement is required for a write-in candidate.



    1. Disclosure
      - All officers have the duty to disclose any conflict of interests.
      Officers with a conflict on any issue shall not vote nor
      participate in any discussion on that issue.

    2. Fiduciary
      - All officers have a fiduciary duty to TGSF. Officers must account
      for all expenditures of TGSF funds. And no funds will be used for
      personal use. All officers must adhere to practices that comply
      with non-profit corporation status.

    3. Loyalty
      - All officers must be loyal to TGSF. The interests of TGSF are
      paramount to any interest any officer might have in any other

    4. Specific

      - The specific duties of officers shall be addressed in Standing
      Rules adopted by the ExCom. See Section IX.C of the Standing Rules.



    1. Resignation

      1. When
        - An officer may resign at any time.

      2. Method

        1. The
          President resigns by submitting a letter to the Secretary of
          her/his intent to resign.

        2. All
          other officers effect their resignation with a letter of intent
          to the President.

      3. When

        - Vacancies occur upon receipt of the resignation letter.

      4. Membership

        - An officer does not lose her/his membership in TGSF when she/he
        resigns as an officer.

    2. Removal

      1. Reasons
        - An officer may be removed for, but not limited to, any of the
        following reasons:

        1. Gross
          violation(s) of any part of the Bylaws,

        2. Breach
          of confidentiality,

        3. Breach
          of fiduciary trust,

        4. Intentional
          misrepresentation of official TGSF policy,

        5. Any
          misconduct resulting in liability against TGSF, and

        6. Excessive
          absenteeism from ExCom meetings or TGSF events resulting in
          missing more than three (3) ExCom meetings and/or missing more
          than 40% of TGSF events in a fiscal year.

      2. Method
        Removal of an officer shall be accomplished at a Special Meeting
        called either by the ExCom or by petitioned for by the general
        membership. See Section V Special Meetings.

        1. Number
          of Officers

          - More than one officer may be removed at any particular Special

        2. Voting
          for Removal

          - An officer shall be removed if more than 50% of the votes cast
          at the Special Meeting are in favor of removal.

        3. Mail-in

          - Mail-in ballots will be counted as votes cast if they meet the
          deadline specified by the ExCom.

    3. Vacancies

      1. Filled
        by Appointment


        1. Appointment
          by President

          - The President, subject to approval by the ExCom, may appoint
          any member in good standing to fill any vacant office.

        2. Approval
          - The appointed officer must be approved by a majority of the
          ExCom at the next ExCom meeting.

      2. Vacancy
        Filled by Election

        - The President has the discretion to ask the ExCom to call a
        Special Meeting to fill any vacant office.



    1. Members
      - The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Education
      Co-Chairs, Outreach Co-Chairs and Social Co-Chairs shall be the
      only members of the ExCom.

    2. Duties

      1. The
        ExCom shall be responsible for the daily operations of TGSF.

      2. The
        ExCom shall report its activities back to the membership.

    3. Standing

      - The ExCom is authorized to establish Standing Rules to accomplish
      its responsibilities.

      1. The
        Standing Rules shall not violate these Bylaws.

      2. The
        Standing Rules must be adopted by a majority of the ExCom.

      3. The
        Standing Rules may be amended by a majority of the ExCom.

      4. The
        Standing Rules shall be published and made available to any TGSF
        member on request.

    4. Meetings

      1. Frequency
        - The ExCom shall meet at least once a month.

      2. Members


        1. The
          Secretary or her designate is responsible for informing the
          members of the date, time and place of the ExCom meetings.

        2. Publication
          of the meeting will be timely to allow attendance by general

      3. Special
        ExCom Meetings

        - The President is the only officer who may call special ExCom
        meetings and the ExCom may vote to hold a special meeting by a
        vote of 50% +1.

    5. Attendance
      by Others

      - ExCom meetings are open to all TGSF members in good standing.

      1. General
        members in good standing of TGSF may participate in the meetings
        at the discretion of the presiding officer.

      2. Non-members
        invited by the ExCom may participate in presentations and
        discussions with the permission of the presiding officer.

    6. Voting
      - Only ExCom members are allowed to vote at ExCom meetings. All
      Officers are entitled to one vote, except for the President who
      shall only vote in the event of a tie.

    7. Quorum
      – 50% or more of the ExCom Members constitute a quorum, one
      of which must be the President, or in her/his excused absence, the

    The Membership and Mailing lists are confidential. Access is
    limited to official TGSF use; no member may make a copy of any
    portion of the list; members may request special mailing
    instructions to insure confidentiality; and the membership and
    mailing lists shall not be sold or transferred to any organization
    for any purpose whatever.



    1. Acceptance
      by Membership

      - Amendment to these Bylaws may be adopted by an affirmative vote
      of 60% of the members voting.

    2. Amendments
      - Proposed amendments shall be presented to the members in writing
      60 days prior to being voted upon at the Annual or Special Meeting.
      The ExCom may recommend Bylaw amendments, or the general membership
      may petition for Bylaw amendments. The requirements for a
      membership Bylaw change are the same as requesting a Special
      Meeting. More than one Bylaw change may be considered at a Special


    - The Fiscal Year for TGSF runs from May 1st to April 30th.
    Treasurer reports, budget proposals must be submitted prior to April
    30th of the current year. Extensions will be granted only upon
    approval of the ExCom.

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