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TGSF has a variety of outreach programs. We strive to provide accurate information about the transgender community, both to our community and to the world at large.

You'll find the TGSF Outreach Booth at many Bay Area LGBT community events. We're there to answer questions and to represent the TG community. Drop by and visit at the next Pride event or street fair.

We maintain an InfoLine you can call for information or to have your questions answered. For more details visit our InfoLine page.

TGSF also supports a transgender speakers bureau. The speakers bureau provides transgender speakers to any requesting organization. We have spoken in over 30 educational instutitions in the Northern California area and a number of other special meetings also. The TGSF Speakers Bureau provies both MtF (Male to Female) and FtM (Female to Male) speakers. We also hold an outreach orientation meeting occasionally to give new speakers an idea of what to expect when they accept a speaking engagement.

We have plans in the future to offer on-line speaker requests and on-line speaker acceptance capability through this website.

Outreach and You

As you may know, TGSF has an Outreach bureau. It handles our InfoLine, holds seminars, speaks at various venues, and keeps our profile high outside of our immediate Transgender community.

You may not know it, but every time you step out your door en femme, you’re doing Outreach, too. Because a lot of our identity is invested in the way we appear, people can learn something just by observing.

While it may seem obvious, it is worth noting that what people see influences what people think. If clothes are the outer expression of the inner you, then you are really making a statement about who you are, your state of mind, and how you want to be treated every time you step out.

Why is this outreach? It’s not just because you are communicating something about yourself. It is because you represent all of us, especially to people who have never met a Transgender person before.

Think about it: we can distribute truckloads of pamphlets, write articles and hold rallies, but the most effective means of outreach is you.

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