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Am I Transgender?

Transgender people are persons whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender. Trans* people can identify as men or women or neither or both. Some trans* people have always known they were different, while others come to it later it life. For many transgender people there is a feeling of dysphoria, that is a feeling of being dissatisfied with one’s gender role.


Frequently people who experience dysphoria go through a process known as transition in an effort to find peace. Transition may include changing one’s name or gender legally, making physical changes such as hairstyles and makeup and medical changes such as hormone therapy or gender confirming surgeries. There are as many different ways to transition as there are transgender people. No one knows what is right for you but you.


Below are some resources that may be helpful for persons going through transition and their families.








Trans* Activism and Culture


William W. Kwan - hair removal

Aesthetic Laser Concepts - hair removal

Nora Sherwood - electrolysis


Carlas Social Club - San Jose



For Parents of Trans* Children


For Families of Trans* People

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